budget4cast Featured in Construction Executive magazine


Construction Executive, a construction business magazine, touts budget4cast in its 2017 Technology Review. On the continuum between general purpose, and time consuming, spreadsheet tools, such as MS Excel, and very high-end, super expensive tools such as eBuilder, and Procore, budget4cast finds a niche. Budget4cast is specifically designed for construction project budget management, and is both fully featured for this specific purpose, and affordable.

budget4cast is a cloud-based project management application for project owners to plan, track and forecast project budgets. Key features include customized one-click reporting via PDF or CSV files; ability to upload contracts or purchase agreements; create custom budget fields via the budget development and monitoring table; incorporate forecasted costs and monitor them as they convert to committed costs; reallocation between budget lines to make managing contingency or adjustments simple; and viewer, editor and administrator user roles for easy collaboration.  — Construction Executive, April, 2017

With a fully functional database back-end, budget4cast is designed and built tuned towards the budget management needs of project owners, developers, and construction managers.  With both a free trial option available online, and very affordable scaled pricing, it is the perfect solution for any sized portfolio of complex construction project budgets.