budget4cast is GREAT for school construction projects!

Computer rendering of what the front of a school might look like in a red and grey color palate
Computer rendering of what the front of a school might look like in a red and grey color palate

budget4cast is a great cloud-based app for managing many kinds of project budgets.  In particular, it is being used for many construction projects for school districts across the country.  Successful project managers, like Maribel and Marylou, are using our affordable, secure app to manage the complex budgets associated with multiple bond-funded school construction projects.  Their experiences show not only the power of the tool to increase efficiency and productivity, but also the large reduction in training required to get started.  budget4cast is a powerful, affordable, and secure budget management application, for school projects, and so much more!

Staff in School District 27J Construction Management office, myself included, were spending many hours every week, managing our various projects. We had just passed a 248-million-dollar bond, and we were using Excel spreadsheets.  In addition to the data entry efforts, I was also spending countless hours managing filters and macros, in an attempt to make the process more effective.

We knew we needed to implement something more efficient and user friendly.  SD27J Construction Management/ Finance Department started down the path of purchasing a software program.  We did our research and found a few options. Several programs seemed to be very complex, and had more functions than what we truly needed.  Then we were introduced to budget4cast.  We fell in love with the program, it provided everything we were looking for.   — Maribel M

As an administrative assistant to an Owner’s Rep firm for construction project management, my key commitment is to keep the project within budget. Tracking all contracts, proposals, change orders, invoices, keeping the Owner informed and the bills paid is my main responsibility. That said, our company did not have a software program to manage all of the above…I used Excel spreadsheets for years and managed them manually…this left a lot of chance for error with formulas getting deleted and it was very time consuming.

budget4cast has been a godsend! Not only do I not worry about formulas and mistakes, the benefits are endless…from project setup to entering contracts and purchase orders and invoice management, not to mention the reports that can be generated in minutes!

I can’t express how happy I am to have discovered budget4cast! It has made a huge difference in my job! — Mary Lou S