Budgeting for Capital Asset & Facility Management

Graphical representation of various facility management concepts
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  • Managing the budgets for maintenance, renovations, and constructions of office buildings, apartment complexes, schools, municipals buildings, etc., can be a tedious, complex operation.  Facility Managers for cities, real estate management companies, and others, have to plan for, and monitor the budgets for a wide range of disparate efforts, including:

    • Leasing
    • Architectural design
    • Construction
    • Utility placement and movement
    • Renovations
    • Furniture
    • Salvage
    • Just to name a few….

    The person responsible for managing these complex budgets have a hard choice to make:  Either track all the projected and actuals costs through a huge, complicated set of Excel spreadsheets and macros, that are hard to maintain, hard to share, and difficult to access across multiple platforms.  OR…. Spend tens of thousands of dollars every year, plus large amount of upfront installation and training costs for a complex product like Procore, e-Builder, or OwnerInsite.

    It is quick and easy to get started using budget4cast.com.  For just $49/month per initiative, it is also a very affordable way to get these transition costs organized.