Construction Project Budget Planning & Forecasting

Comprehensive budget planning & monitoring

Customized Budget Structure

With budget4cast, you can create as many lines items in your construction project budget as you need.  Every budget code is initialized with its own budget.  And, you can organize these budget codes into budget sections (e.g. “Hard Costs”, “Soft Costs”, and “Contingency”) and budget groups (like “Regulatory”, “Design”, “FF&E”, etc.)  You can then do reporting for each budget code, or rollups for budget groups or sections as necessary.


Forecasting Costs

Enter quotes and bids, contract pricing, and other forecasted costs into the construction budget.  Each item can be associated with budget codes, as well as associated vendors.  Enter commitments, change requests, or approved changes.  Documentation from your vendors can be associated with new entry.  You can associate multiple PDF’s with each forecasted cost.  For those budget line items you know will be spent, the Auto Forecast feature can be used to automatically create an uncommitted placeholder and update it as you enter other costs.

budget4cast offers robust search/filter features, so you can easily generate reports on a subset of your forecasted costs.  You can generate a PDF report for your client or boss, or output to CSV, for post processing of the data.

Comprehensive Funding & Cash Flow Management

Using budget4cast’s Funding Sources feature, you can associate each and every forecasted cost with a particular funding source.  This is popularly used with municipal, hospital, or school construction projects, where multiple government, charitable, and private funding sources must be managed.

Used in conjunction with budget4cast’s Cash Flow feature set, you can plan in as much detail as you need, the spend of your budgets for the various aspects of your construction project.