Comprehensive Cash Flow Management

Plan and track your expenditures over time, and prepare graphical reports

Detailed Costs for your Project

It is easy in budget4cast to enter all the costs associated with your project.  For each new cost, you can associate with a previously forecasted cost, or enter as a unplanned item.  Of course, you can also enter Vendor, Invoice number, and other key information.  Plus, you can attach the invoice from your vendor, or as many PDF’s as you would like.  (Remember, that ALL subscriptions to budget4cast come with unlimited data!)


Search, Report, and Pay

You can easily search through all your entered costs for particular vendors, specific invoices, etc., using budget4cast‘s robust search/filter features.  With our customizable and powerful reporting capabilities, you can generated professional looking PDF’s for your clients and management, as well as export to CSV, for offline processing.  You can also generate monthly reports for your Accounts Payable department, that not only has the vendors and amounts that need to be paid, but all of the invoice documentation, in one convenient Disbursement Package.

budget4cast also supports easy integration procedures to load your accounts payable data into your company’s payment system.  We have procedures for Quickbooks, Xero, and, to name a few.

Comprehensive Funding & Cash Flow Management

With the Funding Sources feature, you can track all the costs (forecasted and actual) to particular sources of funding.  This can be critical when managing construction projects for schools, hospitals, and municipal buildings, when you need to manage across varying governmental, charitable, and private funding sources.

Used in conjunction with budget4cast’s Cash Flow feature set, you can monitor your actual cash expenditures, versus the cash flow plan you originally laid out.  The ability to plan and report on cash flow to your clients and management is a powerful and valuable demonstration of project controls.